Active Learning

Developmentally appropriate experiences, engaging classroom spaces, and responsive teacher-child relationships are what your child can expect to experience in our classrooms.   Our classrooms include areas for movement, learning through play, and sleeping/resting.

Curriculums are designed to allow children to play an “active” role in their learning. From the time they enter their classroom, they are encouraged to explore their environment through movement, art, instruction, and music.


The Gymnastics program meets weekly and is available for children ages 2 and up.gymnastics

The “tumbling twos” work on the following motor skills: balancing, jumping, and rolling while their minds are engaged with familiar tunes.

Gymnastics for children ages 3 to 5 centers on achieving flexibility, coordination, and strength: all necessary for healthy physical development.

School age children come to the class loaded with enthusiasm to learn. They continue to develop flexibility, strength, and coordination as well as create and perform routines for all to enjoy.


Through song and scripture we strive to bring the love of Jesus Christ to all the children story-timeenrolled in our center. It is our belief that today’s children need a foundation based in Biblical principals in order to face the challenges of tomorrow.

We do not intend to replace or infringe upon your own family’s worship experience, but to enhance your child’s faith through fun and friends. We are convinced that there is no work that is more pertinent or effective than teaching the children the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

“If you go the wrong way…you will hear a voice behind you. It will say, ‘This is the right way.’” Isaiah 30:21


Research has shown that music helps children to develop the memory, language, literacy and reasoning skills as well as the cognitive, social, and motor skills that are needed to music-station3excel in school. Music enrichment fosters the artistic nature of children by fostering abstract thinking and stimulating their creativity. Music and movement provides a safe environment for children to expand their gross motor skills as well as expressing their individual creativity.

“Make music to the Lord…with harps and the sound of singing. Blow the trumpets…Shout for joy to the Lord.” Psalm 98:5-6


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